Three days of training on shiitake mushroom

Three days of training on shiitake mushroom - Image

Three days of training on shiitake mushroom

The following topics will be covered in Shiitake training:

Course contents


Nutritive and medicinal properties of Shiitake mushroom,
Infrastructure necessary to establish a mushroom farm
Commercial cultivation technology of Shiitake mushroom

  • Mushroom seeds (spawn) preparation methods
  • Substrate preparation technique (sawdust preparation)
  • Growing conditions for mushrooms
  • Management of diseases and pests in mushrooms
  • Harvesting procedures
  • Food safety and sanitation at the mushroom farm


  • Mushroom spawn production
  • Substrate preparation for Shiitake mushroom
  • Farm visit
  • Identification and control of diseases and insect pests
  • Post-harvest packaging and management

Training schedule

  • First day: Registration, opening ceremony, introductions of the faculty, staff, and participants, a tea break, and theory class
  • Second day: Practical class, and field visit
  • Third day:  Distributing certificates, making a Viber group, and Viber follow-up

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