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Dried Button mushroom

Product Specification

  • Type: Button mushroom
  • Form: Dried
  • Packaging type: Polythene bag
  • Packaging size: Customer requirement
  • Product name: Dried Button mushroom
  • Taste: Delicious
  • Specialty: No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavour, Pesticide Free
  • Storage: Stored in dry and cool place
  • Shelf life:  2 years
  • Sample:  Available

Product Description
Best quality Dried Button mushrooms farmed in a natural environment.

About Button mushroom
Button mushroom is one of the most common types of edible mushrooms cultivated and consumed globally. These mushrooms have round-shaped cap measuring 2.5 to 6cm in diameter. They are delicious and highly nutritious.

The Nutritional Value of Button Mushrooms
Button mushrooms have high fiber and low calories. It also provides additional nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium.

The Health Benefits of Button Mushrooms
Some amazing health benefits of Button mushrooms include:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Support the immune system
  • Improve digestive function,
  • Promote heart health
  • Treat bladder infection
  • Encourage weight loss
  • Boost blood pressure

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