Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Nepal

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Introduction to Oyster Mushroom

The Pleurotus species, also known as the oyster mushroom, is one of the most popularly grown mushrooms. It comes in a variety of varieties, such as King oysters, Black oysters, Pearl oysters and Pink oysters, all of which have their own culinary advantages as well as distinct health advantages. In addition to being very high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are cholesterol-free and have extremely few calories and fat. They offer nutrients that are necessary for life, including folic acid, iron, niacin, vitamin D, riboflavin, potassium, and amino acids. They benefit your immune system, lower your blood pressure, manage your cholesterol, protect you from cardiovascular disease, build your bones, prevent cancer, and more.




Oyster Mushroom Farmer in Nepal: Urmila Hyaunmikha Machamashi

In Nepal, several farmers are participated in the cultivation of Oyster mushrooms. One of them is Urmila Hyaumika Machamashi.

Urmila Hyaumika Machamashi, from Sipadol, has a farm in Jhaukhel, Bhaktapur, and Sipadol. She harvests in one tunnel three times a year with her farming team. In the winter, there are seven to eight thousand balls. In the summer, there are nine to ten thousand balls. She is quite happy with this work. She has to harvest early in the morning because she has a morning delivery. After that, she takes a rest and then cleans the farm by watering it.

Approximately, they produce twelve hundred to fifteen hundred kg of oyster mushrooms a day. She also sells locally at retail price, and they supply the rest to the Kalimati vegetable market for wholesale selling. Before she was in this business, she was a teacher. She has completed the I. Ed. and has taught for one year. Later, she switched to vegetable and mushroom farming. She was happy when she was a teacher, but now she finds herself more satisfied doing this work.

She is getting money, a name, and work as well. By doing oyster mushroom farming. She is earning pretty well. She would like to tell all the viewers that oyster mushroom farming has a good future. But she suggested to them that everyone needs to train themselves or get training before jumping into this business.

Initially, they started with less amount of mushroom balls. People complained to them a lot in the beginning. People have to say that everyone can do this job. People said it didn’t suit them because they were educated. Uneducated people did it traditionally. But as they were educated, they implemented new technology. And finally, they are able to use boiler technology, which she thinks is the latest technology in this field.

Initially, people looked down on her a lot, as she was educated, and she jumped into the farming business at that time. But she was underrated and went on following her aim, which is why she thinks she is successful. Although it was a laborious job, she did it enthusiastically, went on to develop herself, and finally she has reached this point today.