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In Nepal, a significant agricultural revolution is underway, driven by the visionary efforts of Akash Bade. As a leading mushroom pioneer in Nepal, Bade’s innovative approach to mushroom cultivation and dedication to research and development have significantly advanced the country’s agricultural landscape. His work not only popularizes mushroom farming but also brings substantial economic and nutritional benefits to local communities, positioning Nepal as a key player in the global mushroom industry.

Akash Bade: A Pioneer in Mushroom Cultivation, Research and Development

The Early Years

Akash Bade’s journey into the world of agriculture began at a young age. “When I was little, I used to go to the fields with my mother carrying a stick; later it became work,” recalls Akash. Mornings were spent working in the fields, afternoons at school, and evenings selling vegetables. Despite agriculture being seen as a profession for the uneducated, Akash saw a future in it.

After passing his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in 2056, he aspired to study agriculture. However, the limited educational opportunities at that time forced him to enroll in management studies at Khwopa College, nearby his home, due to safety concerns during the Maoist movement. [Read More]


Establishing Mushroom Seed Nepal & Research Center

Akash founded Mushroom Seed Nepal and Research Center in 2071 B.S. in Madhyapur Thimi, Chardobato initially focusing on mushroom seeds. With a long hope, Akash began conducting his own research and production.

A significant breakthrough occurred when he collaborated with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) in 2077 to research red mushroom cultivation and production increase. This collaboration is set to result in a publication in an international journal, marking a significant milestone in his career.


Akash Bade’s Breakthrough: Cultivating Shiitake Mushrooms on Sawdust

Director Akash Bade

In 2020, Akash Bade introduced a groundbreaking solution to this longstanding challenge: cultivating shiitake mushrooms on sawdust. This innovative method marked a paradigm shift in mushroom farming in Nepal, offering a more efficient and less labor-intensive alternative to traditional wood log cultivation.


Akash Bade’s Hybridization Breakthrough

In addition to revolutionizing shiitake mushroom cultivation, Akash Bade continues to push the boundaries of mushroom farming with groundbreaking advancements in hybridization techniques. Recently published in the Asian Journal of Mycology, Akash Bade and his team at Mushroom Seed Nepal & Research Center have achieved significant milestones in hybridizing Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushrooms).

Through innovative dual-culture techniques, our study has successfully developed hybrid strains of Pleurotus ostreatus. This achievement has ushered in a new era of mushroom farming with remarkable benefits:

  • Higher Yields: The hybrid strains exhibit increased productivity, enabling farmers to harvest larger quantities of oyster mushrooms per cultivation cycle.
  • Shorter Harvesting Periods: Improved efficiency means faster turnaround times between planting and harvesting, optimizing farm operations and enhancing profitability.
  • Improved Biological Efficiency: Our research demonstrates enhanced biological efficiency, maximizing the use of nutrients and resources to produce healthier and more robust mushrooms.

[Read more]


Advancing Health and Wellness: Akash Bade’s Reishi Mushroom Research and Development

In addition to his groundbreaking work in mushroom cultivation, Akash Bade has made significant strides in the research and development of Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) in Nepal. Recognized for their medicinal properties and health benefits, Reishi mushrooms have become a focal point of Akash Bade’s efforts to promote holistic wellness and sustainable agriculture.

Introduction to Reishi Mushroom Research

Reishi mushrooms, revered for centuries in traditional medicine, have gained global recognition for their immune-boosting, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Akash Bade’s exploration into Reishi mushroom cultivation and product development seeks to harness these therapeutic benefits while expanding economic opportunities for local farmers.

Product Innovation: Reishi Mushroom Powder and More

Under Akash Bade’s leadership, Mushroom Seed Nepal has introduced a range of innovative Reishi mushroom products tailored to meet diverse consumer needs:

  • Reishi Mushroom Powder: A convenient and versatile form of Reishi mushrooms, launched for easy consumption of Ganoderma Lucidum and improve overall health.
  • Ganoco: Combining the rich flavors of cocoa  powder with the health benefits of Reishi mushrooms, Ganoco has become a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.
  • Dried Reishi Mushrooms: Preserving the nutritional integrity of Reishi mushrooms, dried variants offer long-term storage options without compromising on quality.



Akash Bade’s Success with Turkey Tail Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Research in Nepal - Turkey Tail Mushroom

In a remarkable achievement for Nepal’s agricultural sector, Akash Bade has become the first person to successfully cultivate Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) in the country. This milestone, achieved under the auspices of Mushroom Seed Nepal & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., marks a significant advancement in diversifying mushroom cultivation and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. It was achieved by collecting the rare and challenging-to-cultivate Turkey Tail mushroom from Fulchowki forest and successfully producing its seeds in his own laboratory.


Empowering Farmers: Akash Bade’s Contribution to Mushroom Farming and Seed (Spawn) Distribution

Oyster mushroom seed (Spawn)

Akash Bade has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing mushroom farming in Nepal, leveraging his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to promote sustainable agriculture and empower local communities. As the founder of Mushroom Seed Nepal & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Akash Bade has spearheaded efforts to manufacture and distribute high-quality mushroom seeds of Oyster Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, and Button Mushroom, transforming the agricultural landscape across the country.


Empowering Farmers Through Training: Akash Bade’s Contribution to Mushroom Farming

In addition to his pivotal role in seed distribution and agricultural innovation, Akash Bade has made significant contributions to Nepal’s agricultural sector by championing comprehensive training programs for mushroom farmers. Through Mushroom Seed Nepal & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Akash Bade has established himself as a leader in promoting sustainable farming practices and empowering local communities through education and skills development.



In conclusion, Akash Bade’s relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to sustainable practices has truly revolutionized the mushroom industry in Nepal. His passion for excellence and commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional agricultural practices have not only garnered him recognition and acclaim but have also set a high bar for industry standards.



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